Rule Update – Q1 2019     规则更新 -  2019年第一季度


Hello Truckers,

It is once again time for you to take another read of our rules and accept them to use our platforms!

The first change to the rules is that we now have a new rule under our §1 - Service-wide rules section. We have added an ambiguity rule due to recent feedback from the community.

The new rule is as follows:

§1.9 - Ambiguity

If, for any reason, there are ambiguous terms in the rules, or terms which could be "open to interpretation", punishments may be issued as interpreted and agreed upon by TruckersMP Management. Any ambiguity falls on the side of TruckersMP, and not individual players. If an ambiguity is reported to us, we will work to remove the ambiguity. Loopholes are treated in the same way, exploiting loopholes will be punished for in the same way as the rule you are exploiting - you should report loopholes, not exploit them.

Most of our other rules have stayed the same, however… there is a noticeable difference with one of our rule sections. We have decided to change to our save editing section (§3 - Save editing rules) and we have added a few new juicy features for you to customize your truck and trailer!

What has changed?

The following is a list of the most noticeable changes:


  • The hitbox is no longer a factor in whether a truck is allowed or not

  • LEDs can be placed on any slot, meaning both “V” LED methods are permitted

  • Spotlights and Michelin dolls can also be placed on any slot (except spotlights on the rear bumper)


  • Trailer wheels of different sizes allowed

  • Non-default trailer combinations are allowed as long as the trailers do not clip into each other

  • Hitbox no longer matters unless the hitbox is invisible


  • No change

Has the save editing disclaimer been updated?

Yes, we have updated our save editing disclaimer to make it easier for you to understand. The following is what we have re-worded to make this simpler and less complicated!

§3.5 - Disclaimer

"Make sure that all mods you are using comply with these rules. You are responsible for all the modifications you decide to apply. If your modifications go against these rules you might face a punishment. If you are unsure whether your mod is allowed or not, ask staff members before going in-game. If a mod you use (regardless of origin) is found to be a cause of you losing control of your vehicle, you are liable to be banned for reckless driving."

We do hope that you are happy with what has been changed, however, if you do not feel happy about the changes or you have any other queries regarding this, please do create a feedback ticket and send it to the "Game Moderation Management" and we will look at your ticket as soon as we can!

Happy Trucking!

-The TruckersMP Management Team



TruckersMP Community Manager



对规则的第一个更改是我们现在在§1 - 服务范围规则部分下有一个新规则。由于社区最近的反馈,我们添加了歧义规则。


§1.9 - 歧义

如果由于任何原因,规则中存在含糊不清的条款或可能“可以解释”的条款,则可以按照TruckersMP管理层的解释和约定发布处罚。任何歧义都落在TruckersMP的一边,而不是个人玩家。如果向我们报告歧义,我们将努力消除歧义。漏洞的处理方式相同,利用漏洞将以与您正在利用的规则相同的方式受到惩罚 - 您应该报告漏洞,而不是利用漏洞。

我们的其他大多数规则保持不变,但是......我们的规则部分之间存在明显差异。我们已决定更改为我们的保存编辑部分(§3 - 保存编辑规则),我们为您添加了一些新的多功能功能,以便您自定义卡车和预告片!











§3.5 - 免责声明




-  TruckersMP管理团队


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